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Nutricoach founders, Jolande Baker and Liza Serfontein have been coaching both children and adults to swim for over 12 years. Liza is an ex-professional cyclist that represented South Africa abroad.  Christilee Jansen joined the team recently as strength and conditioning coach.

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Kamin Taute

Kamin Taute is a mindfulness and results-based coach that joined the Dragonfly Tri network. An avid athlete herself, she knows that physical ability gets you started but that mental toughness gets you to the finish line. |

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The RUN Experience

Dragonfly Tri partnered with The RUN Experience to offer running coaching and free training videos. Coach Nate and Coach Holly teach their athletes to move better and what true “running strength” means. Learn running technique that is for everyone, not just elite athletes.

If you’re running for fitness or for competition… subscribe to their YouTube Channel and check out all the free training videos!

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K8 Coaching

K8 was started by Britt Hyland, a multiple Ironman & 70.3 finisher who also represented South Africa in Australia & London at the ITU World Champs as an age grouper. Britt comes from a strong swimming background and her passion is swimming and triathlon coaching.

At K8 we transform our clients through a sense of community and fun in a professional manner. The K8 tribe is a supportive team competing to complete. Our holistic, unintimidating approach with our experienced and approachable coaches ensure you will never have FOMO.

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Movement Empire

Join the world’s most immersive online training platform, where we provide you with a
comprehensive, easy to follow bodyweight workout, giving you the ability to exercise whenever and
wherever suits you best.

Get access to a wealth of lifestyle content to help you with your nutritional, motivational & workout
needs. It also offers a fully pre-recorded training class experience led by a Trainer & Training Partner
tailored to your own level of fitness.

Sign up for a 7 day free trial or use the coupon code: DRAGONFLY10 to get 10% off your training

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Nutrimassage is a sports massage therapist that joined the Dragonfly Tri network. Liza Serfontein has 20 years’ experience and is highly regarded and specializes in muscle manipulation, rehabilitation massage and facia release.

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Blouberg Physio

Improve your mobility and range of motion and reduce the risk of injuries.

Whether you are a serious athlete or weekend warrior, Blouberg Physio aims to reduce pain and discomfort and to restore their patients’ health to the optimum level of function during activities of daily living.

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@Willemse Biokineticist

Movement is an essential part of everyday life. It is a defining element of quality of life.

@WillemseBiokineticist makes use of exercise in rehabilitative treatment of performance. @WillemseBiokineticist joined the Dragonfly Tri network to make a difference in people’s lives who might have lost hope due to injury or health issues resulting in limiting factors in their lives. @WillemseBiokineticist specialises in orthopaedic rehabilitation especially with the knee, hip and ankle joints.

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Sarah Ferguson

Sarah is a physiotherapist and runs a private practice in Durban North.

Sarah represented South Africa at multiple FINA World Cups. Since retiring from competitive swimmig she embarked on an open water swimming career and has becoem somewhat of a legend. She is best know as the Guinness World Record Holder for the first person in the world to circumnavigate Easter Island. She swam the 63.5 kilometers continuously in a time of 19 hours and 8 minutes finishing ahead of her own expectations of 24 hours.

Sarah worked as a physiotherapist for numerous sport teams across the worl. Sarah has been elected to be one of Team South Africa’s physiotherapists for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Sarah is a certified Pilates instructor and uses the basic concepts of Pilates in the rehabilitation and management of her patients and athletes. Her passion for sports and experience as a National swimmer allows her to tap into the minds of elite athletes as well as to understand the physical demands of the body.

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Kirsten van Heerden

Dr Kirsten van Heerden is one of only a handful of people in South Africa to have both represented her country as an athlete and also hold a PhD in the area of sport psychology.

She has worked and travelled extensively within high performance sport for more than 10 years and her services have been used by many Olympians, World Champions and South African sports teams. Kirsten has many interests within the area of sport psychology and has recently published a book on the challenges athletes face when they retire from elite sport, and is also the founder and chairwoman on Girls Only Project – a non-profit company focusing on women in sport issues. Kirsten is currently in private practice in Durban at Newton Sports Agency.

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Lynne Mackey

Lynne is a South African Masters surf champion and Biokineticist.

Her passion lies in surfing and road running. She thrives on being able to help individuals struggling with injuries. From sedentary patients wanting to live a functional pain free life or athletes looking to to regain their strength, and build up to return to their sport.

She is the founder of Ocean Riders academy which is a Durban based sports conditioning, training & injury rehabilitation academy for surfing, canoeing, rowing and all other adventure sports.

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April Mabovula

April is an advanced Sports Massage therapist and has extensive experience with various sports teams including the Springboks, New Zealand All Blacks, England Rugby Team, Sharks rugby team, Dolphins Cricket team to name only a few.

April’s approach differs according to clients’ needs or injury and that determines which techniques should be used. Massage is for everyone and April treats from international athletes to elderly people. Sports Massage helps decrease stress, anxiety, and increase in flexibility and range of motion in joints, improvement in recovery, reduces pain and tenderness, and increases the bodies’ energy levels.

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Life’s too short to stay stuck in habits that don’t serve you.

Moo-ve is a nutrition and functional medicine coach that joined the Dragonfly Tri network in pursuit of their mission. Getting people to take action. Towards their health goals. Towards their life goals. Don’t stand still. Moo-ve.

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Elizabeth Cassano

To live a truly healthy and energetic life is a journey. There is no easy button.

That’s why Elizabeth Cassano joined the Dragonfly Tri network to support those who are yearning to live their best life and READY to optimize their health.

She will be honoured to help you chase down and resolve the root cause of your chronic nags and get you back to enjoying the people you love, activities you enjoy and places you want to experience.

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Regaining your health through lifestyle changes.

NutrifoodSA joined the Dragonfly Tri network to share their knowledge and hard-earned experience to assist others in regaining their health with plant-based healing and lifestyle changes. NutrifoodSA is drive by 2 passionate individuals who believe that following a plant-based diet can help prevent, treat, and even reverse most of today’s chronic diseases. Their knowledge of the powerful effects of a plant-based diet is enhanced by passionate and famous vegan doctors.

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Personalise a training strategy that optimises your genetic potential.

The effectiveness of training and sporting performance is affected by key biological areas, and with DNA Sport, DNAlysis can help personalise a training strategy that optimises your genetic potential, and identify the right nutrition and environmental interactions to optimally express your genetic potential.

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Drug Free

Play Fair. Compete drug-free.

The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport is passionate about sport. And passionate about the nation’s sporting heroes setting a good example for the younger generation. Not only would they like our athletes to compete drug-free, but also to be proud to say no to doping.

Click here to check whether your medication is permitted or not.

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Does your supplement provider consider their product development as seriously as you do your performance?

As many as one in ten supplements can be contaminated with ingredients and compounds prohibited in sport. Products that carry the Informed-Sport logo go through a full manufacturing audit, and every batch is tested for a wide variety of WADA banned substances.

number thirteen


#THIRTEEN is a passionate protector of the ocean and advocate for visibility in the ocean and land for safety. #THIRTEEN is fast becoming the country’s leading open water swimming accessories supplier and visibility accessory supplier for cycling and running.

Ocean Respect Unite.

big bay events

Big Bay Events

Big Bay Events joined the Dragonfly Tri network as specialists in managing water-based events with particular emphasis on providing water safety to swimming, triathlon, Kite surfing, SUP and surf ski events.

Together Dragonfly Tri and Big Bay Events offer monthly swimming training camps and host the monthly Island Escape swims from Robben Island.

barter advisory services

Barter Advisor Services

Barter Advisory Services joined the Dragonfly Tri network to empower all athletes to be able to fund their passion and follow their dreams.

Advice includes:

  • Health Cover: Medical Aid and health insurance.
  • Life Cover: Income protection, critical illness cover, temporary disability and permanent disability cover.
  • Insurance: Insurance for your sporting equipment, car and household.
  • Investment: Athlete wealth creation and retirement planning.
evac 24

Evac 24

Evac24 Active offers a mobile panic button. This device is a Personal Tracker device linked to an armed or medical response unit that gets dispatched to your GPS location when you feel that your personal security is at risk or for medical emergencies.

Features Include:

  • A Standalone device with a separate sim card installed and ready to use
  • Personal Tracking
  • Panic / SOS button
  • Linked to EVAC24 Call Centre
  • Two-way Communication
  • Monthly membership
simonsberg conservatory

The Greater Simonsberg Conservatory

The Greater Simonsberg Conservancy is a Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation, with the aim to support its members in their conservation efforts, as well as providing services in the surrounding communities. The Conservancy is situated in the wine region of Stellenbosch amid rare renosterveld fynbos, just 50 kilometres from Cape Town, South Africa.


Delvera Wine Estates

Delvera is an eco-village on the R44 in the Stellenbosch Winelands and forms part of the Greater Simonsberg Conservancy. Delvera is the home of the Dragonfly Full Moon Hikes to the top of Klapmutskop. Hikers can watch the sunset over Table Mountain with stunning views of the Winelands and then see the full moon rise. Afterwards, everyone can join a picnic at the eco-village.

volunteer wildfire services vws

Volunteer Wildfire Services

The Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) has assisted the Table Mountain National Park, CapeNature, Overberg District Municipality and Winelands District Municipality with some of the wildest fires Cape Town and the Western Cape have experienced. With over 200 volunteer members at four stations (Newlands, Jonkershoek, South Peninsula and Grabouw), VWS is a highly-organised Non-Profit Organisation, run and managed by a team of volunteers.

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Hood Guise

2 years ago my husband, an avid kite surfer, came home with a microfiber changing towel. He was so excited that he bought one for all his kite surfing and surfing friends that year as birthday presents. Our boys (also keen swimmers and surfers) also wanted towels but at the price at the time I decided I would make them towels instead. Sewing is a hobby and so I proceeded to purchase 2 ordinary bath towels (as well as a hand towel for the hood) and sewed them together. They worked brilliantly, except for the fact that they were very heavy and very bulky! By this time my husband was complaining about his bought towel. It was too small, it didn’t dry, it was too tight around the neck and it was too short. Our friends made the same comments and reverted back to using an ordinary cotton towel.

This is when I saw an opportunity and decided to rectify all the complaints and make towels that were light weight, super absorbent, longer than the standard towel and roomy enough in size to be able to get changed easily. The other key factor was to make a towel that was more affordable than the imported version available in surf stores. This was not as easy as I thought as the correct fabric was not available locally. After months of research I found the perfect material.

Our Hood Guise towels are made from imported fabric but still support the local manufacturing industry by producing the towels locally. We hope you enjoy your towel as much as we do.

one life swim it logo

One Life Swim It

Hi there fellow swimmer, I am Cyndi Starr. My life has always been based around swimming. Since a young age, I have been known among the competitive field, and now I keep myself busy as a full time swimming coach / stroke analyst and business owner of my own swimming brand called – One Life Swim It.

The original concept for this new brand came from my teenage years when my father designed my very own set of hand paddles for training as we couldn’t afford paddles back then. A few years later, I was spotted training at the gym with my original paddles and was asked if I would be willing to make more paddles and sell them to swimmers. Over the years, these swimming paddles became unique and quite popular among my swimmers and have grown into my brand.

I have since then added to the brand as I have always wanted a swimming cap that meant something to me personally. I then designed the logo with a butterfly swimmer and a heart line to match the name of my brand. If you know me well enough, you would know that I have a medical condition and with this I am unable to race competitively in certain heart rate zones, however, I still swim competitively on a masters level taking up the odd few challenges. I own some South African Masters swimming records, which keeps me honest in the pool. I also enjoy the outdoor and open water swimming. I will always be a swimmer by heart, as swimming has given me a family of friends and a life I enjoy being part of. No matter where you are in life, or how fast you go in the pool, I will always encourage you to swim with heart.

You have One Life Swim It … Tra La La

van h logo

Van H

VanH was born when the founders, the van Hoven’s, got married and wrote van H on our wedding invitations. The two fell deeply in love with the signature that marked their special day and decided to register it as a trademark.

From there the idea and small acts of making cycling kits and t-shirts for friends and family was fostered and developed into a commercial brand that produces and sells Van H clothing.

We love coffee, steel bikes, creative challenges and living life to the fullest with our four kids.

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