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South Africa’s first Triathlon Network

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Who are we?

Dragonfly Tri is South Africa’s first Triathlon Network aimed at giving triathletes access to experts to make their dreams come true. Once you have set your goal, it should be simple to get the tools and services you need to reach them.

Our Vision

To be a national triathlon network providing athletes access to top quality service providers, host nationally recognised awareness events and be the sports apparel provider of choice in South Africa.

Our Mission

To attract a wider variety of gender, ethnicity and age groups to triathlons. Introducing open water swimming and other outdoors sports by partnering with service providers that are not intimidating, creating targeted events along with creating specifically designed sports apparel for both men and women.

Our Values

Energetic and living life in colour
Open and inclusive
Doing good for the community

Our History

Dragonfly Tri was started in 2018 by women struggling to find information about where to start if you want to do your first triathlon and want to look good doing it. They then started South Africa’s first triathlon network aimed at giving triathletes access to experts such as coaches, sports massage therapists, nutritionists and more to make their dreams come true.

They also noticed that most athletes wear black at events and thought life needs some colour. They then registered Dragonfly Tri as a trademark and now manufactures sports apparel in vibrant colours to make athletes look good while working hard.

Sport is not only about the athlete but also what we can do for others. The founders are very passionate about raising awareness for causes close to their hearts and started colour events to raise awareness for breast cancer (pink), ocean (blue), fire (red) and nature conservation (green).

Meet the Team behind Dragonfly Tri


Ashley van Rooyen

She is an energetic wild child who loves the ocean. She is often caught swimming at Big Bay in sub 13 °C water in only a swimming costume (no wetsuit)! She is definitely the only person we have heard of that actually meets people in the ocean.

Her passion for cold open water swimming and love of people were the driving forces behind her starting a beginner swimming group where she loves taking people out to acclimatise to the cold water and also fall in love with swimming. To her there are no barriers to entry and swimming is for everyone.

Her big dream is doing an ice swim in 5 °C water in Antarctica.


Karlien de Bruin

She has never been able to sit still and believe there is no better place than to be outside testing your limits. She started cycling at a young age as a mode of transport not letting the lack of a driver’s license deter her from getting where she wants to go. She feels the best view is at the top of a mountain and you will often catch her cycling, running or hiking to the top.

She is passionate about the environment and believes we should tread lightly and respect the ocean and land we live in.

Her big dream is doing the Alpe D’Huez Triathlon in France.

jess square

Jessica Zimmerman

She has transformed a lot later in life with an obsessive interest and enthusiasm for maintaining her physical fitness and wellbeing. She started with a simple training program purely for weight-loss which evolved into a 'try everything' attitude. She enjoys a healthy lifestyle filled with swimming, hiking & running but her love for cycling is clearly visible above all.

She is passionate about healthy living and motivating beginners to change their lives.

Her big dream is cycle in the Double Century

dave square

David Zimmerman

From driving the support vehicle and munching on chips and chocolate behind a group of "crazy cyclists", to becoming one of those "crazy cyclists"... Dave has embraced all things active! An amateur triathlete with a flair for marketing, communications and general chit chat, you will either love him or hate him, there really is no in between!

Dave dreams of taking on an IronMan, completing the Two Oceans Full as well as the Comrades Marathon and he is guaranteed to always be the loudest in the room.

Dave's passion is people and building a better world one day at a time.

Causes we Support

Dragonfly Tri is passionate about sustainability and actively supports the United Nations Social Development Goals (SDGs) not just in our own actions to reduce our carbon footprint but also in building healthier and stronger communities in which we live.

Breast Cancer Awareness

We raise awareness around breast cancer early detection and screening in support of SDG 3: Good Health & Well-being but aso in support of family and friends directly impacted by the disease.

Ocean Awareness

As triathletes and open water swimmers we are passionate about the ocean and are shocked to see first hand the impact plastic waste and overfishing has on marine life and the quality of the water. We support SDG 6: clean water and sanitation and SDG 14: life below water.

Fire Awareness

We trail run, mountain bike and hike through the majestic mountains and vinyards and are often faced with the fear and devastation that wildfires wreck on our favorite playgrounds and the wildlife that live in them. We raise awareness on the impact of fire on the climate by supporting SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities, SDG 13: Climate Action and SDG 15: Life on land.

Climate Awareness

We know that once we come back from our swims, cycles or runs in the great outdoors, we become part of the climate problem in our own carbon footprints through the electricity we use, the fuel in our cars, how much water we use and the waste we create. We commit to reducing our carbon footprints and support the carbon sinks such as the ocean and trees by supporting SDG 13: Climate Action, SDG 14: Life below water and SDG 15: Life on land.

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